Stone Dragon Farm

About Me

I have loved horses just about all of my life, since long before I can remember (that's a LONG time!).  I used to ride  a great deal, breaking, training, and even, for a brief stint before my brains came in, exercising a small string of running Quarter Horses.  I sold my last two horses when we bought a house, and was completely out of horses for 20 years or so.  

A few years ago, I decided to look into getting a Shetland pony to drive and show.  The first place I looked had a tiny black filly in a small lot by herself.  That was Stone Pony Farms Buffi, and she was the first miniature horse I had ever seen.  I fell immediately in love, and, with all thoughts of Shetlands gone from my mind, I bought Buffi.  I also saw my first miniature donkey that day, and wound up buying one of the little jennies there.  That was Fledermaus, Maus for short, and she was 29 1/2 inches tall.

I have loved and owned a variety of felines, particularly Oriental Shorthairs and Siamese, along with rescue & found kitties.

There's even a dog or two.

My life has been amazingly blessed by the four-legged members of my family!  Doesn't matter if they meow, whinny or bark, they have added a depth and grace to my soul (as well as tearing a few holes in it when they cross the Rainbow Bridge) that I would not have had without them.


I'm an avid reader, amateur photographer, and equiphile and ailurophile.  (Means I love horses and cats!)  I love dogs, too, though I only have one: a spoiled, super-smart powder puff Chinese Crested, and don't know what you call a dog lover, other than "dog lover"!