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Bae Li has a new home!

Posted by stonedragonfarm on November 30, 2010 at 11:26 PM Comments comments (0)

Bae Li has gone to live with a nice lady south of San Antonio.  After a rough start (Bae Li panicked and bit her!), she is coming around and sleeping on the bed and ruling the rest of her canine clan, which consists of two neutered male Chihuahuas.

Which leaves me with Blubelle.  She is such a great little dog!  I want to get another companion dog for her (something for her to do besides torment the cats), but I'm sure enjoying having her to myself.  She was spayed at Cause for Paws low-cost spay/neuter clinic two weeks ago, and that makes me breathe a great sigh of relief.  

I must say that Cause for Paws was wonderful!  I've taken cats to low cost clinics that treated the people bringing animals in with contempt and patronization, and treated the animals with disregard of their comfort.  These people were polite and respectful, and truly showed themselves to be lovers of animals, handling them gently and caringly.  I was most impressed with them all!  

I'm getting EGGS now!  I have 3 chickens, out of 9, producing eggs now.  It is time for them (age-wise) to start laying, but this time of year, they usually stop laying, so I'm amazed that 2 Americaunas and 1 Silver-Laced Wyandotte are now giving me eggs.  I have gotten 2 dozen so far.  My Thanksgiving pies were made with eggs from my girls.  I was very proud of those pies!

Happy Holidays!

Donkey's Gone, New Horse, Bae Li Needing Home!

Posted by stonedragonfarm on October 22, 2010 at 11:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Well, Kit Carson has a new home.  The full explanation is in his photo album.  He will be a busy boy, and much happier, I think, as he'll now have something to occupy his busy little brain besides trouble!

Kit's place has been taken by Dragonstar, a yearling Miniature Appaloosa stallion that I got at the North Texas Pony Sale at the beginning of October.  I hadn't planned to get another horse when I went to the sale with a friend.  She goes every year, just to watch, she says, but this year she took her horse trailer, as there was a filly she'd seen on the sales list that she was interested in.  

I saw this boy and liked him immediately.  I expected he would sell well out of my price range (which was actually nonexistent, as I can't really afford to buy anything), but when his bid started at the base $110, I couldn't help myself.  I got this gorgeous little guy for the grand price of $210!  Prices for miniatures and ponies is still in the cellar due to the lousy economy, but even so . . . wow!  (My friend got her lovely AMHR/Shetland double registered filly cheap, too.)  The best part was, I got the colt for less than I got for the donkey!  I actually came out ahead!  Can't beat that!

Bae Li, one of the 2 lovely little powder puff Chinese Crested dogs I got back in July, is not working out.  She is so afraid of Randy and Kevin (husband and SIL), and it's not improving.  It's a sad situation, as she's really sweet and lovely, but I decided it would be better to find her a home with just a woman.  So now I'm trying to place her through craigslist.  Being really careful where she goes.  I've had at least one puppy mill and one goofus (that wanted to breed mixed-breed puppies from her).  I've got her an appointment at a low cost spay/neuter clinic November 15th, so if I haven't placed her by then, I'll make sure there won't be any more of those kinds of folks trying to get her!  (I'd rather place her with someone else and let them do it, saving me the money, but I'll do whatever I have to.)

Well, that's it for now!  I'll add photos of the new boy as soon as possible. 

More New Critters!

Posted by stonedragonfarm on July 31, 2010 at 11:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Well, the chickens are now 2 months old, and MY, have they grown!  Fully feathered, and very colorful.  The Wyandottes have feathers that are white, edged in black, the Black Austrolorps are, well, black (even their legs!), and the 4 Americaunas are 4 different shades of red/orange/gold on their heads and necks, with black laced wings.  Spoiled, the lot of them!

I now have new animals to spoil!  I have been looking for a powder puff Chinese Crested dog for several months.  I wasn't really ready to get one yet, but an acquaintance that runs a CC rescue said to start looking NOW, as it will take one to two years to find what I want.  I've been looking about 6 months, not really expecting to find anything for a while.  I emailed several breeders around the area, and a lovely lady in Oklahoma emailed me back, saying she had a female, imported from Argentina, that was 1 1/2 years old.  The lady is retiring from breeding, and wants to place her breeding dogs with pet homes rather than breeder homes.  This beautiful little dog is a show quality powder puff.

I met the lady in Durant today to pick up the dog (Durant's about half way between us), and she brought a couple of other dogs along.  One was a black hairless CC male, who was gorgeous.  (I don't want a hairless.  He was a handsome dog, even though I don't care for the hairless type.)  The other was an 8 month old female that I wound up coming home with, too!  So now I have TWO powder puff Chinese Cresteds!  Couldn't really afford them yet--expected a few more months to save up--but the price was so good (even without papers, although both dogs are registered--I'm not breeding or showing, so papers don't really matter), I decided to buy anyway.  They are two of the sweetest little girls!  And NOT YAPPY!  That's one of the main reasons I wanted one.  I wanted a small dog for a long time, but they're either terrier (should be spelled T-E-R-R-O-R) or YAPPY, which I just cannot tolerate.  The puppy has whined a bit, but no yapping from either dog.  I'm in love.  Such elegant, dignified ladies (well, the adult, anyway, the other's a puppy, after all!).  

Now all I have to do is housebreak and obedience train them.  :)  What fun!  (Well, maybe not the housebreaking part, but they are both adult or nearly so, so they'll be easier to train than small puppies, who just aren't physically developed enough to hold it in.)

Now, all I have to do is place out a few cats.  Anyone want a lovely cat?

My Baby Chicks

Posted by stonedragonfarm on July 10, 2010 at 11:14 PM Comments comments (0)

I've been wanting to get some chickens for several years now.  Each year, I've told myself, maybe next year.  Well, I could "maybe next year" myself to the grave, so this year I decided to get some.

I expected a couple of mortalities, as newly hatched chicks are fairly fragile.  Wanting six, I ordered 8, four Americaunas, and four Silver-Laced Wyandottes.  When I got to the feed store to pick them up, the store had some unusual looking chicks:  soft black on top, and yellow on the bottom.  I asked the manager what they were and he said they were Black Australorps.  I said, "I didn't know you were getting some of those!"  

He replied, "Neither did I!"

I came home with nine:  Four Americaunas, three Silver-Laced Wyandottes, and two Black Australorps.  No mortalities yet.  They are almost seven weeks old, fully feathered, and full of attitude.  They are so COOL!

I included a new album with some lousy chick pix, taken with my phone.  The ones in my camera didn't turn out, since the card was apparently corrupted.  Stripped everything off of it.  At least I had these!  Bad quality photos, but still pretty baby photos!

Don't know whether I'll get eggs this year, as they'll be reaching egg-production age just about the time chickens left to Mother Nature's timetable would stop laying for the winter.  So we'll see if I get some this year, or if I have to wait until spring for the first ones.  Either way, I'm happy.  Got my chickens!  (Now to build the chicken pen and henhouse before they get too much bigger!)

Winter's Coming!

Posted by stonedragonfarm on November 16, 2009 at 9:51 PM Comments comments (0)

Haven't been here in a while--things got crazy for a while.  When I had the time, I didn't have the energy and vice versa.  

Anyway, here it is, November.  Got our first really big cold front through here last night.  Went from 78º yesterday to 54º (and windy!) today.  Everybody is fuzzy.  Symphony looks like a llama:  her face and lower legs aren't as hairy as the rest of her body.  Funny, seems like the babies do that their first year.  Bonfire looked like that his first winter, and so did Kittyhawk.  Buffi looked like that her second year--I didn't have her her first year.  She was 18 mos. old when I bought her.

I had hoped to get more photos of Symphony before she got too fuzzy, but I guess now they'll wait till spring.  I'll register her late, I suppose.  I want to clip her lower legs anyway to see what her markings are.  She has pink hooves, which tell me she should have white on her legs, but none of them are just really white.  The red kind of fades out to gold, almost to white.  (I used to have a QH gelding like that.  I'll tell about his really, REALLY lousy hooves some day!  Symphony doesn't have that problem, thankfully!)

We had an invasion of pigeons a few weeks back, and I managed to get a couple of photos of them in the air that were cool.  Also, photos of a hawk right after it had brought down a pigeon.  And, of the bigger hawk that stole the kill of the smaller, probably younger, one.  I'll post those soon.

Getting late, and I've got a lot still to do.  We're working lots of overtime, days off and extra hours every day.  Tiring, but a nice paycheck in a few weeks.

Thanksgiving's coming in a week or so.  !!!  Already!  Funny how the days (especially at work) seem to crawl by, yet the months just fly.  Happy Holidays, y'all!


Posted by stonedragonfarm on June 27, 2009 at 7:51 PM Comments comments (0)

Well, Ladyhawk made it through her colicky episode OK.  She lost some weight from it, but she feels fine now.  She's not too happy being confined to her small pen, but it's been in triple digits all week, and I want Symphony to have easy access to shade, so the days spent in the pasture with the other two mares have been temporarily halted.

I keep thinking this can't be June!  This kind of heat is more common in late July and early August.  (Haven't hit any record highs, though.  It was 101º yesterday, and that day in 1986, it was 106º.  So I keep reminding myself it could be worse!)

There's a "cool" front moving in tomorrow night.  It'll be bringing the daily highs down to a frigid 95º!  Woo hoo!  

I can't complain too much, really.  I'd rather have 90s than 40s.  Not a snowbird, me!!  (Besides, I prefer the horses in their summer wear, rather than their wintertime fur coats!)

When it gets down below 98º for the high, I'll get started (again) on Mustang and Kitty in their driving training.  At this rate, I'll have them trained to harness before they're 25 years old!:roll:

Dedicated to Thousand Oaks Classy's Ladyhawk

Posted by stonedragonfarm on June 13, 2009 at 11:36 PM Comments comments (0)

Ladyhawk is mama to my baby Symphony.  She's a great mom and a lovely mini Appaloosa mare.  She's also one tough cookie, and last week she had a really tough week.

Wednesday, two weeks ago, Ladyhawk apparently was attempting to scratch an ithcy eye on the corner of her hay rack (which is made of rebar).  In the process, she tore her eyelid, requiring  a trip to the vet and four stitches.  (It was Symphony's first outing, and she acted like a little pro in the halter!)

Then, Wednesday evening before last, I came home from running errands to find Ladyhawk in a colic attack.  She was in obvious pain, rolling on the ground, kicking at her belly, standing with her nose almost touching the ground.  Another trip to the vet, and an all night vigil for me.  Everything looked just fine until 4:00 am, then her symptoms returned.  At 4:15 we were on our way back to the vet's office, where she and Symphony spent the day undergoing treatment and observation (and Symphony got visits, kisses, and treats from all the vet's office staff!).  By 4:00 pm she was ready to go home.  A second all nighter for me ended with a much more comfortable, tired, and gaunted mare, but she is doing much better.

For those not familiar with horses & colic,  it's the number one killer of domestic horses (usually in the form of euthanasia because the victim is in so much pain).  When surgery is necessary, about half do not survive, and the surgery is hideously expensive.  It's the one thing horse owners fear more than anything else!

So this is dedicated to my lovely Ladyhawk, to honor her for all she has endured during her 9 years of life.  May she have many more years, healthy, happy, and beloved!

Posted by stonedragonfarm on May 25, 2009 at 10:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Symphony the Brat is now one month old.  We've had two halter training sessions, and she is a very strong willed baby!  

I did all the prelim work I do for halter training (I don't believe in calling it halter breaking, because I don't want anything to break!  Not the halter, the horse's spirit, nobody's bones, nothing!).  She learned to yield to pressure all over.  She will move her front end, her hindquarters, lower her head, even move forward a step or two with pressure behind her ears and under her chin--the same places a halter presses on when you ask her to move forward.

Putting the halter on was no problem.  We've been playing that game, too, so she was not afraid of having it buckled onto her head.  But, oh my, what a battle!  Leaping forward, rearing and jumping straight UP.  Pulling and running backwards was something she really did not do much of, and that's mostly what foals will do when resisting!  I ended lesson one when I got 5 or 6 steps forward without silliness.  What should have been a 10-minute lesson, turned out to last 32 minutes.  (Foals aren't supposed to have that long an attention span, but she did!)

Lesson two, she learned about throwing herself to the ground and rolling every time  I put pressure on the halter.  I finally had to take the end of the leadrope and loop it in a "come-along" around her butt to stop that.  She came around much quicker, only 20 minutes, that time, but she still is resistant every time I introduce something new.  

She's definitely going to be a challenge!  (I'm lovin' it, but I'm really glad she's only 35 lbs, not the 250-300 she would be as a full-size foal!)

Symphony in Silk - now 18 days old!

Posted by stonedragonfarm on May 7, 2009 at 12:14 PM Comments comments (0)

My goodness, that baby is growing fast!  She's going stir crazy (as is everybody, including me!)  because it has done nothing but rain for 2 weeks!  There have been a dry day or two here and there, but this Texas blackland takes FOREVER to dry out, and so it just stays nasty and muddy.  

At least the work done in Ladyhawk's stall was a success.  There's no more water standing in there when it rains.  The stall mats keep things relatively dry, which is oh, so much healthier for little miss Symphony.  

Symphony is such an active filly!  She very much has a mind of her own, and she drives mama to distraction, especially at feed time!  Ladyhawk wants to go in and eat--they run in the barn aisle while I clean their stall--but she can't bear to leave the little one out there in eyesight of those, those, those HORSES who live in the other stalls!  There's been a few times I've had to pick Symphony up and carry her to the stall.   The first time I did that, I went in the house and told Randy that for the first time in my life, I picked up and carried a live horse!

I'm beginning to work with Symphony, directing her to move her feet to pressure, as well as allowing touching all over and picking up her feet, just for a second.  She's taking all in stride, except being restrained.  She gets very upset for a moment, so I've got a lot of work to do before I halter break her.  She will have to be able to yield to pressure on her head, as well as accept being limited in movement.  

What an amazing horse-child she is turning out to be!  An absolute delight!!

New Baby Alert!

Posted by stonedragonfarm on April 25, 2009 at 11:01 PM Comments comments (0)

I took Ladyhawk to the foaling center on Friday the 17th.  She foaled Sunday night (the 19th) at 9:45 pm.  Good thing I didn't wait until the 22nd as originally planned!  

It was a mostly trouble-free delivery, with the result being a long-legged sorrel filly with a white star and four white feet.  Her name is Symphony in Silk, and she is a very active, bright little girl!  Check out her photos in her very own gallery.  More will be added as she grows (of course!).