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Hi, Radar! Here Comes Polly & Hope

Posted by stonedragonfarm on September 22, 2012 at 2:45 AM

More changes at Stone Dragon Farm!  Kittyhawk has found a new home, and so has a grade pony named Radar.  He's quite a character, and it's fun to watch his personality unfold from a terrified little horse to an increasingly confident (and bratty) pony with a very busy mind and dominating manner.  He is gaining in trust, but still afraid of new things.  I'm working on that (and the dominating attitude).  Clicker training is amazing!

Polly & Hope are two senior citizen mares that will be coming to live out their years here with me.  Polly is, I believe, 29 years old, and is Bonfire's mother.  Hope is her lifelong companion, 28 years old, tiny & sweet.  They deserve to spend their lives in one secure place, rather than being shuffled around from home to home, as has happened the last year or two for them!  

I am taking about a third of my tack/feed room, turning it into another stall.  (I had eight--seven were filled--but need nine now!)  I can't believe I'm about to have NINE horses!!!!  (No one ever called me "sane" and if they did, I'm sure they were lying!)

The chickens will be moving into larger abodes soon.  I'm fencing 16' of the front lot to give them more room, and building a hoop house out of a couple of utility panels (just as soon as I can figure out how to stabilize it so it won't flatten or flip over in a storm!).  They will have a long, narrow (16' x 73') pen, and the house is 8' x 10'.  The chicks will then move from the brooder, which is now much too small for them, to the older, smaller pen & coop.  It has an electrical outlet--which the bigger one will not--so I can add a heat lamp for their first winter, if necessary.  If it gets extremely cold, I will have to rig an extension cord outlet to the big coop for a heat lamp out there.  It won't warm the coop much, but it will keep it above freezing, so chickens and water won't freeze!

I've a lot to do in a short period of time (and add to that hauling 50 bales of hay!), so I'm staying busy.

Husband Randy had hip-replacement surgery at the end of August.  He's been on house arrest, Dr's orders, and we've had nurses and physical therapists coming to the house on a regular basis.  Been almost a month now, follow up appointment #1 is Monday (Sept 24th), and I'm hoping some of his restrictions will be lifted.  We are both going kind of nuts with someone (mainly me) having to stay with him 24/7.  Ready for some freedom!  (We both are!)

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