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Nearing the End of 2012 (Yay!)

Posted by stonedragonfarm on December 26, 2012 at 7:30 PM

Well, here it is, nearly to the end of another year.  I went from seven horses, to six, to nine, all in a six month period!  

Kittyhawk was sold to a family that is horse savvy, for their 12-year-old daughter who wanted a registered miniature horse to drive, show, and maybe breed.  Kitty fills that bill very nicely!

Radar came to live here, from a home that, while probably not legally abusive, was at best indifferent to the feelings of living animals.  Trust is coming slowly, but it is coming.  He was put more or less on a shelf here while my husband recuperates from hip replacement surgery (gradually I have more time to work with Radar and the others).  Weather permitting, we start again in the new year.

Hope and Polly came in November to live out their days here.  They are sweet, beautiful, dignified senior ladies, and I love them both very much.  Polly is my beloved Bonfire's mom.

Chicken numbers went from 24 to 8.  I just decided they were more trouble and time-consuming than I wanted just now.  The newly constructed pen and hastily thrown-together straw bale coop are vacant, soon to be re-used somewhere else for ????.  The old, smaller, but more secure (and warmer!) coop & pen are in use for the eight hens I have left.  I miss Caruso's crowing in the morning, but I don't miss not being able to turn my back on the little devil!  He got to where he attacked my legs everytime he caught me not looking.  Nope, that don't work around here!  Bye-bye, Caruso!

I miss Shadowolf every day.  His sister Mithlin has finally gotten to where she will eat on the floor with the others again.  It took her four months to do that again.  I was putting her in a carrier and letting her eat by herself.  She would leave her food and look for Wolf, then stop and just cry.  Made me cry, too.  We hurt together.  I think she still misses him sometimes, but she usually sleeps with the others now.  Once upon a time, that would never have happened.  She would have nothing to do with anyone but Wolf.  Time heals.

I had a minor (or not so minor, maybe) epiphany a few days ago.  Standing out in the barn, waiting for the horses to finish their lunch (yes, they eat 3 times a day, although lunch is not grain, but shredded beet pulp & timothy/alfalfa cubes soaked in warm water), I was looking around at them and I realized suddenly that this was where I wanted to be, in the circumstance that I wanted to be.  A cynic, a skeptic, a chronic depressive, and a freethinker, I realized I AM HAPPY. What a great state to be in!  I don't know how long it will last--life always has a way of sneaking up and biting you in the butt--but for now, today, this week, I am happy.  I hope it lasts a while.

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