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Never thought I'd be married to a 62YO man!

Posted by stonedragonfarm on April 6, 2014 at 9:55 AM

Randy's birthday was yesterday.  He is now 62!  (Old fart!):D

Finally getting some severely needed rain.  We got almost an inch last week, and bad storms passed over (mostly to the north) two nights ago.  Raining again now.  So far, just over an inch total, including last week.  We need a LOT more.  Of course when I start getting ready to work on the barn exterior, it starts to rain regularly!  Wouldn't you know?  Murphy's Law in action.

Got a black & white stinker living under the tackroom floor.  Getting to the point I'll have to leave her while she rears her babies, but I've been trying to get her out before she has them.  No luck so far . . .  I had a trapper get the last one, but it was a lot more trouble than this one's been, pooping on the hay in the tack room and smelling the whole place up.  I haven't even seen this one, but I know she's around--get a whiff when she moves around under the floor.  All the animals (except the feral cat that has taken up residence under the house) have been vaccinated, and that cat is avoiding the skunk! 

I won't get the trapper out for this one if I can avoid it.  Not only is he expensive, but I learned in Texas no one is allowed to relocate skunks.  If one is caught, it must be killed.  That may be understandable from most folks' point of view, but I think it's unnecessary.  So I will co-exist with this odiferous lady if need be.  :roll:

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