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Ladyhawk, RIP - Welcome, Magic!

Posted by stonedragonfarm on September 1, 2011 at 12:30 AM

This has been a summer of ups and downs--mostly downs!

DOWN:  First, Bonfire (miss you, Baby Horse).  

UP:  Then on August 22nd, Indian Creeks Elemental Magic came to live with us.  A four-month-old, bay & white tovero pinto colt, Magic has been delightful.  Totally unhandled when I got him, he was quick to learn, becoming trusting in just about two weeks.  He's picked up on everything I've tried to teach him so far, and the farrier will get his first crack at those little pink hooves next Saturday.  (He needs a trim, bad!)  I am amazed at how easy he learns, and how little he panicks when presented with something new!  He's a doll.

DOWN AGAIN:  Then, this past week, Ladyhawk succumbed to a severe colic attack, brought on by heat or who knows what (the vet, in his 3 visits that night, said he'd seen more colics in the last two weeks of August than he had all summer, even in the intense 113º heat).  She spent a very uncomfortable 12 hours before her passing, and I mourn both her passing and her pain.  No horse deserves the suffering a bad bout of colic can bring to them.

???:  So now, I'm down to seven again.  Haven't decided if I'll keep to that number for now.  I may sell Kittyhawk, or I may fill Ladyhawk's stall with another colt.  (Not that I can afford to right now, and with hay scarce and expensive and getting more so every week . . .)  

Anyway, time (and finances) will tell me what I want to do.  Right now, I'm trying to enjoy retirement, looking forward to ending this ridiculous string of 100º+ days of summer, and getting used to 7 horses where there were 8. 

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