Stone Dragon Farm

Welcome to Stone Dragon Farm!

My name is Sunny, and Stone Dragon Farm is my home.  It's a very small "farm" consisting of just over 1 acre, with cats,  eight Miniature Horses and a rescue pony (who's 1/2" too tall to be a mini), plus a truly rotten powder puff Chinese Crested dog.

I play with my horses and my cameras, and I'm retired. I'm always so busy, I sometimes wonder how I ever had time to work!


My Horses

My horses consist of 4 AMHA registered miniature horses, 4 AMHR registered miniatures, and 1 grade pony, Radar.  I have photos of everyone in the gallery.


 My horses range in age from 5 year old to 33 years old, and in size from 28" to 38.5" tall!  (The 38.5" is not actually a mini, but a small pony.  He's the only unregistered equine on the place, but is just as loved as the rest of them, and a lot smarter than most of them!)

My Cats

My household now numbers 12 inside, 2 outside (sort of).

New troublemakers have joined the household! Three feral kittens that I trapped and have had neutered/spayed came into the house, although the little sealpoint one, Shiner, has gone to live with my brother/sister-in-law. Sky, a blue tabby male, and Bunny, a patched-tabby female, cause all kinds of havoc with the older cats (and all the humans)!  Even the dog, Blubelle, decides she needs to referee when they get to tussling too much!  (I didn't realize until much later, how close their names are to being totally fitting:  "Bunny and Sky" is very near to "Bonnie and Clyde". How appropriate!

There's also the 3 outside cats, semi-ferals, MomCat, Cutie Pie, and my special boy Mucho Macho Mystical Midnight Man (aka Midnight), who has a neuromuscular disorder that causes him to shake. He will also grow progressively weaker and I suspect he will eventually wind up either in the house or the (now empty) chicken coop & pen for his own protection.  He's already had a couple of close calls with neighborhood dogs. He can run, but he can't jump and he doesn't climb fast, though he CAN climb.  (Update: Midnight Man disappeared in August. I know he is now resting at the feet of the goddess Bast. I hope he did not suffer.)  So now we are down to MomCat and Cutie Pie, and I tell them every day to "Be safe and stay well." 

The Texas Coalition for Animal Protections, aka TCAP, has been great, spaying and neutering the ferals for the great price of a $5 rabies shot (they lose an eartip at the same time as a marker that they have been done). Shiner, Bunny and Sky were done by them, as were the three outsiders mentioned above, and numerous others that have passed on, taken by coyotes, dogs, or who knows what. (R.I.P., Indy, Pearl, and Turq. I miss you guys.)


My Photography

I play at photography.  I photograph horses, cats, livestock, flowers, pretty much anything that strikes my fancy.  I even get a keeper shot now and then.  

Check out my gallery.  There are some not-so-great shots, some ok shots, some pretty good shots, and here and there a WOW! shot.  I'll be adding photos from time to time. 

Video Page

I've added a few of my favorite YouTube videos!  Go check them out!  I think you'll love them as much as I do!